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213 Handy Andy is a landscape design and maintenance company providing service to government, business, retail, resort and residential clients throughout the Ancaster area. With over two decades of experience in the field, our professional landscapers produce quality products which become the foundation of lasting partnerships between us and our clients.

From the initial consultation, to the design process up until and long after the project is complete, building a positive relationship with clients is 213 Handy Andy’s top priority. This collaborative spirit ensures good communication between you and our employees so that they can better serve you.

Over the years, we have met too many people frustrated by their past experiences with contractors. It’s all too common for contractors to over-promise and under-deliver, which is a surefire recipe for disappointment. That’s why you have our transparency guarantee. We’re not here to sugarcoat it for you. We’re here to work on your landscape. So, if you are looking for full-service landscaping and hardscape contractors that will tell you the truth rather than what we think you want to hear, give us a call.

We can assist you with:

…and so much more. For get a free estimate on your upcoming landscaping project, contact 213 Handy Andy today.

Our Mission and Values

Our company’s mission is simple: build strong relationships with businesses and individuals to deliver the best service possible. Just like any relationship, the key to success between us and the customer is communication. When communication lines are open, clients tend to feel more empowered and in control of their project. If a client ever feels uncomfortable sharing their opinion or point of view, we deem that a failure, regardless of how stunning the landscape.

Once communication is established, the trust between client and landscaper can grow. It’s our company’s goal to ensure that you get exactly what you wanted in the design process. On top of our promise to listen to you, we also guarantee the utmost cleanliness and attention to detail on any given project because we treat your home with the same respect we treat our own.

Full-service and Maintenance

Whether you are interested in having design or installation work done, you are going to need a full-service company. If you are merely looking for someone to tend to your lawn and garden because you don’t have time to, you will need a maintenance company. Luckily, 213 Handy Andy does both.

A beautiful landscape requires almost constant attention. Of course, this watchful eye needs to know what it’s looking for. By letting 213 Handy Andy’s experienced and highly trained team of professionals not only design and construct your landscape, when you choose them to maintain your property, you get piece of mind knowing your land is being cared for by someone who has invested a lot of time in it. And speaking of time, think about the time you’ll save doing yard work to enjoy the great outdoors instead.

Whatever your goals, give us a call today to get a free estimate.